Oops, I was so caught up with the new job, being stood up and, well, stuff in general that I completely forgot to do my weekly recap!!! So its a few days late, but here it is…

Starting Balance -$14.47
10/3 Deposit $75.16 ($60.69 left)
10/3 Passport Account $25.00 ($35.69 left)
10/5 Groceries $39.85 (-$4.16 left)
10/6 Wendy’s $5.53 (-$9.69 left)

Not my best week, I must say. Unfortunately this week is looking like its going in the same direction….negative. I also want to mention that I made a few other expenses not included in the recap since they weren’t taken from my “Fun Money”. This includes $21.20 spent on a present for me, and a present for the BF (half will be taken from my Xmas gift fund, the other half from my “Whatever Fund”); $25.06 on dinner for the BF and I which was taken directly from my “Whatever Fund” (yeah, I have a lot of miscellaneous “funds”), and 3 pairs of pants which should be reimbursed by my company….if I ever submit the expense report (oops).

Nothing too exciting there, but I just felt odd not posting my recap as usual. Hope your Monday went well, and have a good week!