Whoo-hoo! It’s Friday!

Work has been eternal today. I finally decided to get my flu shot, and that was today. I was doing pretty well, but I’m starting to be unable to maintain focus. I don’t know if its the shot, or the cake and ice cream we had in celebration of boss’ day, but I’m having trouble sitting still while the work day ends. On the bright side, they got each of us a lotto scratch card…and I won $1! Haha. While it won’t change my financial situation very much, its always nice to feel like a winner.

A while ago I remember reading a few bloggers out there writing about Avenue Q. Well, they’re bringing it to my city. Tickets are on sale and range from $31 to $74. Is the show good enough for me to go and spend my hard-earned money on? If you happened to see it I’d like to know what you thought about it!

This weekend I hope to finally get some more studying done for my upcoming training class. I got my official reference guide today so I’ve got plenty to read! Not only that, but I’m reading along with Trent (The Simple Dollar) the book “The Intelligent Investor”. I only read the introduction so far (I’m already behind!) but it seems like a really interesting book, and I’m positive it will be a very beneficial read.

I also hope to do some baking. I need to start trying out recipes that I’m going to use for Christmas gifts. Plus, I’m getting the urge to make something with pumpkin in it!! I love pumpkin pie, plus, it must have been about 70 degrees the other morning and that’s cause for pumpkin and spices!!! (Hey, thats pretty cold for us here, lol. Granted, the sun hadn’t come up yet, and it had rained the night before….so yes, its still generally 80+ degrees outside.)  This means I need to make a stop by the grocery store tonight or tomorrow.

I’ve been craving Chipotle all week, and to reward myself for not eating out (or paying to eat out) all week I’m going to go to either Qdoba or Chipotle tonight!! Or so I think. I have to confirm if the BF is going, and then I’ll know for sure.

Tomorrow we’re going to be having a gathering/party at the BF’s for his mother’s birthday (any gathering of their family ends up turning into a party…not unlike my family!). So that probably means that we won’t be eating out for dinner, meaning less expenses. [sigh in relief] I should, however take something with me….you know, to be polite. Maybe I’ll try making those pitas again and take some with home-made hummus (hmm, I wonder if they like hummus).

Sunday I’m supposed to go check out some more apartments with my aunt. I hope I see some good ones and I’ll try and take some pictures to share.

May your weekend be eventful and fulfilling!