Another week, another recap. This week wasn’t too terrible, but I did go over my budget again. I think its getting better though, it helps when I don’t eat out at work (although I recently found out there is a Chipotle nearby and now I’m dying to go!).

Starting Balance -$9.69
10/10 Deposit $75.16 ($65.47 left) 
10/10 Passport Account $25.00 ($40.47 left)
10/10 Wendy’s $4.06 ($36.41 left)
10/11 Taco Bell $7.03 ($29.38 left)
10/12 Groceries $35.29 (-$5.91 left)

I’m not sure what the plans are for the weekend, but as long as we don’t go eat at a restaurant I should be ok for the week. We’ll see though, as there is a restaurant the BF and I want to check out….plus I have that $25 Amex gift card as long as I don’t spend it on shoes. I should probably save a bit though, because if I switch offices again I may just need to go shopping for black dress pants!