Yes, you read that right…I’m getting a new job position! Once again, with the same company…

In a post yesterday, and another one last week I mentioned that I had set up a meeting with the director of our local office. To recap, the exec that is currently in charge of my division (and has been overseeing me for the past two years) spoke with the director of the office (he’s also an “exec”), and after some consideration they offered me a chance to work in a new position. Technically I’m retaining my title, but I’ll be assisting yet another exec (neither of the two I mentioned before, lol….we have a lot of execs), mostly doing administrative legwork, but I’ll also be helping him directly with research and proposals. We are currently trying to break into work in a new sector, and as of right now its just him and a few other managers working to make connections and such (or whatever it is they do). On my part I feel its going to be a pretty beneficial move. Not only will I be finding out how that part of our business works, but I’ll be the only employee at my level (I think) working on this effort. It’ll give me a chance to make an impression on the upper level management, as well as gain knowledge about this new sector.

Eventually, when we break into the sector chances are I’ll be one of the first in line to be assigned to work on that. Its pretty exciting since its somewhat specialized work and there aren’t a lot of people with experience in that field. We’ll see what happens.

(And yes, I’m being pretty vague and so I’m sure its confusing or might not even make sense how I put it. Although it might still be possible for you to guess what I do with the info I’ve been giving out over time, I don’t want to make it too  easy for anyone to guess! lol. I have a feeling it’d be really easy for others in the “real world” to find me if I openly blogged about work. Plus, I’m sure some smart bloggers out there already know what kind of company I work for, lol. But anyway…)

I start next week, so I’m pretty excited….and nervous. This is going to be a pretty big change compared to what I’ve been doing so far in my career! Wish me luck….again!