I’m not sure what’s going on with me. I’m normally good with my money, obsessive really, in making sure that I’m taking money from somewhere (one of my many funds) to finance my purchases. I’d been doing ok until this past month. Every week so far I’ve had a negative balance when the direct deposit comes around, and if you hadn’t noticed yet my “To-Buy” list keeps growing like crazy.

Just last night I was at the BF’s house when my mom called me with an urgent message: “[QL], Ann Taylor Loft is having one of their big sales again….everything is on sale, with an extra 40% off! You have to come!.” Well, maybe not those exact words, but that was the gist of it. She was at a location too far for me at that hour (it was 7:30) but I nagged at the BF enough that he drove me to the one by where we live. My mom and I constantly monitor their clothes as far as styles go and we’d been eyeing a few dresses in particular.  In the store I ended up finding one in my size!! The last time I’d seen it, it was on sale for $50 (not much of a sale if you ask me). This time it was only $15!!! I also bought a pair of jeans for $24.

I spoke to my mom when she got home and she’d seen a few dresses that I think I’d really liked in the store on previous shopping trips (they didn’t have them when I went last night), but they’d been too expensive for me. We concluded that she was going back today to get me the black dress in my size. We spoke at lunchtime and the only dress left didn’t have a belt….but it was my size! They ended up giving her an extra discount. Final price: $12!!!

So here’s where I act as “the enabler” to anyone who’s reading (sorry). If you enter the code “tide20” at Ann Taylor Loft online you’ll get an extra 20% off your purchase! It works on sale items too. How do I know? Because I bought this dress this afternoon after my mom confirmed they didn’t have it at the other store. Total price (including $5 shipping): $20.50!!

(This is the dress my mom bought me for $12….minus the belt though. 😦  )

If that was all the bad stuff I’d done so far this week I wouldn’t be too hard on myself. Except during lunch time I went over to the hair salon in the building next door for a free consultation before confirming how much they would be charging me if I actually made an appointment. I ended up liking the stylist I spoke to, and of course, when I asked how much they charged it was $80!!! Sure, thats somewhat average around here (unless you go to a cheaper salon, but I’ve done that and have yet to get good results), but more than I wanted to spend. However, notice that’s actually the number I “budgeted” for in my “To Buy” list, lol. I had actually decided not to go to the salon where I’d previously gotten my hair cut because it was $75, thinking that was too much even though I’d liked the cut. Oh well, I have a 15% coupon this time, so who knows….maybe I’ll end up loving this guy and never going to another stylist again, lol.

I won’t dare total up my expenses, even though thats the biggest “no-no” of personal finance. You should always stare the truth in the face. (Did I say that right?) Um…I think I’d rather wait until Thursday when I have my hot new ‘do, then I’ll try giving it at least a sideways glance.


*Don’t really do as I say. Definitely don’t do as I do.