I was invited just yesterday to a Potluck lunch that some of my old co-workers are hosting. The problem: its tomorrow!! I was thinking cookies (particularly the Neiman Marcus cookies….my boyfriend said they were “perfection” so I’m thinking they’d enjoy them), but maybe I should take something saltier, you know, like actually food. Maybe hummus and pita? Oddly enough I think the cookies might be simpler to make, because I’d want to make the pita from scratch….and we all know how that went last time!

Tomorrow I also happen to have a “Study Group” session for that test I should be taking soon. We had an intensive 3 day prep-course this past weekend and while half the time I was overwhelmed and feeling hopeless I managed to get the highest score on the practice exam!! (Go me!!! A room full of experienced industry men and the highest score came from the only 20-something girl there. Hah! ) I’d bask in my glory a little more….except that now the pressure is ON! What if I don’t pass?!! What if I get overconfident? Well, it did give me confidence but I know I still have a ways to go with the studying.

I have to decide when to schedule the exam now. Should I study like crazy for a week and schedule it for Monday or Tuesday as they recommended? Or should I take my time and schedule it for a week later? I’m kind of thinking to do it next Tuesday (as recommended)….but….I don’t know. I’m still nervous. Its $300 afterall! They also recommended we take practice tests online that we can buy for $50. I’m thinking of using it (I’d rather spend $50 to ensure I don’t have to spend another $300 to retake it!), but some of us were thinking of exchanging tests when we do so. We’ll see. I feel a little lost and overwhelmed again. I figure this stuff is like waxing, or taking off a bandaid….better to rip it off quickly than to slowly agonize over it.

I’m also back in my old office building today (the one I was in 3 weeks ago, lol) except that now I have an actual office with a door as opposed to a workstation (it wasn’t even a proper cubicle. My boss is on a business trip so I’m kind of just reading paperwork to familiarize myself with things in the meantime. I hope I do well here. =]

On a final note, I voted on Sunday! Glad to have gotten that out of the way…but we spent two hours in line!!! And that was one of the less busy polling places. Since I’m thinking of taking the test on Tuesday I’m glad I won’t have to worry about making it to my polling place on time. That means I’ll have plenty of time to make it to Ben & Jerry’s for my free ice cream!