Holy crap….where did the month go?!!! Right…I guess between all the job switching, office changing, test preparation and a bunch of miles on my car I didn’t realize that time was flying. [sigh] November. The year is almost over.

Back to October though, I’m not sure what happened this month. I lost my drive to really limit my spending, lost my motivation to workout, and I’ve been eating like crazy (which is where most of my money went). As a result I’m way over budget, I’m sluggish and tired half the time, my race is in a few weeks and I’m in no way ready, and I’ve gained 3 pounds. How’s that for accomplishments?!! lol.

October goals:

1. Save $100 to be used towards the purchase of a passport. Done! I’m going back to $15 a week to finance my dance career. (Kidding on the “career” part.)

2. Bring lunch to work 4 out of 5 days of the week. Failed week one, but I’ve only eaten out once since then!! (At least I haven’t paid to eat out.) Until today, I think. I’ll call this a success.

3. Start sewing lessons. Um, No. I think I should start thinking of an alternative to the gifts I was thinking of making, lol. Since, you know, I can’t really sew yet….

4. Set up an appointment to discuss real estate financing.  Ever since the president of the company spoke to us I’ve been really hesitant to keep moving on this. Should I rethink my plan? Or should I concentrate on upping my savings and finding a really good deal? Well, I guess I’d still look for a really good deal. I like to think that if I ran across the one (where you get the right price on the right property) it wouldn’t be a bad move. I could always get roommates or rent it out if things get too tough….right?

5. Run at least 3 times each week. Did well until the last two weeks. I haven’t run since last Tuesday.


November will be an interesting month. I’ve still got some test prep  before I actually take it, and then there’s my race, the holiday’s, and a bunch of family birthdays. That means stress, too much food lying around, and too many excuses to spend lots of money.  So for one two of my goals this month I’m going to focus on spending less money on food:

1. Save $15 a week for belly dancing.

2. Bring lunch to work (or don’t pay) 4 out of 5 days of the week. (So if someone treats me, or lunch is provided it doesn’t count!!)

3. Limit eating out after work to twice during the week and once on the weekend.

4. Start sewing lessons. (Because I wont’ give up!!!)

5. Finish reading 2 books.