Am I the only one that gets really nervous about getting my hair cut? You’d think I was going to the dentist, that’s how nervous I get. Not only that, but since I don’t go to salons very often (because the few times I’ve gone I’ve gotten ugly, old lady, bouffant haircuts) I’m very awkward about that stuff. “How much do I tip, when do I tip, will I be looked at weird if I tip too much or too little, (or) oops, I forgot my cash to tip.”

And then, of course is the fear of whether or not you’ll like the haircut (or the fear that it’ll make my face look fat!!). The last time I went I got a pretty good cut, but it wasn’t what I was expecting. I sat the whole time without my glasses, not being able to see much except shadows (I have bad eyesight), and when he was finally done I put them back on….only to find my hair was a good 1 or 2 inches shorter than I was expecting, and somewhat of a different shape. I ended up loving it afterwards, but I think I made a weird face because the stylist didn’t want to believe that I was happy with it. lol.

So anyway, I had a consultation with a new stylist a couple days ago, so I feel a little better about this guy. Before I had either tried to just tell them what I wanted, or showed a picture and said “I want something like this, but with this and that….” you get the idea. This time I went in and waited to see what he responded with. He asked me what I did for a living (I found that interesting) and I said I wanted to cut it short, about chin length and he went from there. He found a picture for me to get an idea of the shape of the cut, and I think its what I had in mind to begin with.

What I liked the most about this salon is that they make sure you know how to style your cut afterwards (they write you a “prescription!”). That was the biggest problem with my last cut…I’m CLUELESS when it comes to hair, and so I was never able to replicate it, not even close. It didn’t occur for me to ask how to. Maybe most salons do it, but I liked that they make a big point of doing so. Of course, that means I have to be very vigilant of what they try to sell me….otherwise I can easily see myself walking out with an armful of goop to put in my hair.

I’m determined to make this hair work, dammit! I’d say its the weakest aspect of my appearance….and sadly enough, I hear that’s the first thing people notice! (Maybe after your face.) As you may or may not remember one of my 25 goals is to learn to love my hair. I hope I can finally accomplish that this year with a bit of work.

One final thing, I have this weird thing about NOT telling people I’m going to get my hair cut. I guess its because I like to surprise people, or I like the attention I get when I do it….am I the only one that does this?