[Ahem] If you haven’t already noticed my sidebar has been updated, and yes, I have accomplished a new goal!! As of Wednesday my Emergency Fund is at 100%, or over $5,000!!! Whoo-hoo!! I know its only phase 1, and this is only a stepping-stone, but I’m going to leave that up for a few days so I can admire a fully filled in progress bar.  🙂   Once I get over it, the goal will be changed to $10,000. Looking at my handy excel spreadsheet I should be able to accomplish that one by early May 2009.

Next on my list is my car fund. Of course, I’m going to keep adding to my emergency fund (a little over $68 a week), but any extra money will be going to the car fund which needs to be at $2,000 (ideally $4,000) by May to purchase a new car when my current lease runs out. I have this weird system set up (my crazy spreadsheets), so I’m not going to explain the logic behind it, but until December $117 will be put in each week. After December I will be contributing $125 to the car fund each week. By keeping that up I’ll have $2,000 by the beginning of February, and $3,500 by early May.