Not too shabby this week.

I started out $29.67 in the hole and after my deposit, after the withdrawal for my dance savings, after my weekly spending (mostly on food…ugh, talk about money going down the toilet…), I’m still left with $1.63!!! Yeah, not much, but at least it was a positive this week!!

Starting Balance -$29.67
10/24 Deposit $75.16 ($45.49 left)
10/24 Dance Acct $15.00 ($30.49 left)
10/25 Moes $15.85 ($14.64 left)
10/29 Taco Bell $6.40 ($8.24 left)
10/30 CVS $6.61 ($1.63 left)

Before you congratulate me, I must confess….I have NOT factored in the Ann Taylor shopping I did, which once I face the facts is about $76.  😦   Yikes, that’s embarrassing. I haven’t quite figured out where I’m taking it from, but I will. No fears, the buffer in my checking account will keep me from ever having to carry a balance on my credit card. Ah yes, and my haircut was $68 with an extra $15 in tips….so that’s $88 total. Ouch.

By the way, the haircut looks good but I must admit I was a little…. underwhelmed? I’m not sure what I was expecting, lol. Its a fairly classic look that works well on me, but next time I think I want to go a little more adventurous! The BF and the family loved it though, so no complaints. Maintenance should be easy….just spray on some thickening hairspray, which I’m going to have to search my mom’s products to see if she has any, and then blowdry. I can leave it curly as well if I want.

So that’s that. As for tonight, I will be meeting the BF after work at the home of what he calls the BEST hawaiian pizza EVER, and then we’ll be heading out to see a movie. Afterwards we’ll probably hang out and people watch….where we’re going is a very interesting place to people watch. Hmm, perhaps I should charge my camera batteries….

Have a happy halloween!! Be safe and have fun!
(I feel like a kindergarten teacher saying that, hehe.)