Never go celebrating by yourself at the mall. It can lead to NO GOOD!

After passing my test yesterday I had lunch with an old friend (delicious sandwiches at the botanical garden), then I returned home to hang out with the BF while he waited for his family to go vote (I had voted two weekends ago). I was left alone, and decided I’d head over to DSW to see if they had any nice chocolate brown boots and to use my coupons/certificates. Besides….I was feeling festive! I didn’t find any boots, but they had SOOOO many dreamy fall style shoes!!! [swoon] I did so well, I tried on a few pairs and loved them, but I didn’t feel compelled to spend $50 after the coupons.

I moved on to the next mall where I thought I’d check out Ann Taylor Loft, since I had been sent a new coupon. I tried on a few things, and next thing I knew I had a jacket, a matching skirt and a cropped sweater in my hands, each for $18 after all the discounts (I’m sure I “saved” hundreds, lol!). I almost took a red skirt, but I figured the potential to wear it was much lower than the black one….even if it was just $18. Before you go and scold me, I just want to mention that my work wardrobe needs a serious rehauling. My clothes looks dingy, and while I am an intelligent woman and a hard-worker….I look like a pathetic mess. As much as I’d like to tell myself what I wear doesn’t make a difference….it really does. That being said, I know I shouldn’t be spending more money, but knowing that I have a nice cushion in my checking account doesn’t help. Like my diet, my spending is falling to the wayside because of my lack of discipline. Going back to my shopping….the lady wouldn’t take the coupon!! She said since I already had a discount I couldn’t apply it (the coupon said nothing about not applying to sales….but I figured I was still getting a pretty good deal so I let it go).

Oh, wait….I’m not done yet.

Remember these sexy shoes? Whaddaya know….Nine West still had them, only they were on sale this time!!!! I walked into the store, saw they were $40 and quickly walked out before I blindly gave into temptation. Instead I walked over to Payless and decided to browse there first….just in case. Well, I saw some cute shoes…one pair for $13 (green flats. Very cute.) and a pair of shoes suspiciously similar to another pair I’d seen at Nine West, only these were on sale for $19 instead of $50 or more. I thought about it, and decided I loved those burgundy heels and I’d rather spend a little more on a pair I love than to get two “consolation prize” shoes that would either give me blisters or that I’d just get over them. So yes, I spent $40, but I think I’ll be wearing them a lot.

Unfortunately they also had a couple sale baskets at Nine West filled with handbags. There was a pair for $70 that matched the shoes I got but it wasn’t my style (and too expensive). I did see an oversized clutch I liked though! It was a fake fabric-crock print (black) and had an oversized half-bow on it. It was different….adorable. It was $50. I’m not sure what happened at that moment but the salesperson convinced me to get it. I was all happy for a while, but as I was driving away I realized that at $50 I regretted the purchase. I’m going back today to return it.

So that was my adventure at the mall on my day off. The lesson: never go to the mall to “celebrate” an accomplishment. The thrill of accomplishment + thrill of trying on shiny new things = trouble.