Well, it has been almost 90 days since I put my Netflix account on hold. To be honest I haven’t missed it much.

Aside from the occasional times that I thought “Oh, wow….’X’ movie is out, I can get it on Ne–oh, right, my Netflix account is on hold” there really weren’t any days or weekends that I sat around wishing I had my Netflix fix. Instead I caught up on Heroes online, Project Runway on YouTube, and How I Met Your Mother (still in the process of catching up). I actually picked up my guitar several times when I thought I had nothing better to do. I turned on my music and practiced my belly dancing, I read (a little), or I easily found something else to fill in my time.

Interestingly enough, as I cut back on Netflix I also cut back on TV in general. I guess its kind of cheating to say that when I watched things on my computer, but I didn’t mindlessly watch TV as much. Now, TV at the BF’s house is a different story….I gotta cut back on that. We kill so much time that way. Good luck trying to convince him of that though.

Now I’m faced with a dilemma, sort of. Should I go ahead and cancel my subscription, or should I put it on hold again? I can put it on hold for another 90 days, and perhaps this time I’ll try out the Instant View feature? They say its still usable while your account is on hold. The most “tragic” part for me would be losing my queue and all the movies I wanted to watch, but I’ll survive.

So what do you think?