Wow, November. Only this month and next left, and I’ll have to revisit my resolutions and see how poorly I did this year. [sigh] Onto better things for now….

This week I did much better with my weekly budget! (Unless you count my shopping, but after reviewing my credit card statement last night its time for an intervention….to be continued in another post.) Not only did I stay within my budget….I had money left over in the end!

10/31 Deposit $75.16
10/31 Dance Account $15.00 ($60.16 left)
10/31 Baja Fresh $5.34 ($54.82 left)
10/31 Pizza $23.51 ($31.31 left)
11/3 Wendy’s $4.60 ($26.71 left)
11/4 Deli $11.83* ($14.88 left)

*This one was for the lunch I had with my friend…she ended up giving me $10 for it since I had paid for both of us. Since I was going to spend the cash I just left the full $11.83 in there.

Of course, that $14.88 will go towards paying off my debt to myself. Unfortunately that will NOT be enough to completely cover my lack of discipline.

As for this weekend…I predict it has the potential to go either way. It will either be a pretty cheap weekend since I’m going to be so busy OR it will be kind of expensive….since I’ll be so busy. For tonight I plan on FINALLY going on a run right after I get home from work. (Then again, I’ve been planning to finally get running again all week, but it hasn’t happened. It has to tonight though, because my race is coming up SOON!) After that my mom and I were thinking of going out to the art galleries that open up every first Friday of the month. That should be free if we don’t decide to stop for a coffee or anything like that. Projected Expenses – $0.00.

Tomorrow morning I have a mystery shop. Its at a jewelry store that I’d been meaning to stop by because I need earrings to match two necklaces I haven’t worn yet (because I don’t have the earrings). I might not even find anything, but if I do I hope its under $20, since they’ll just be paying me $15. After that there’s a festival going on at the local botanical garden. I definitely want to go, and with my membership it’ll be free. Later that evening I have an event that I got tickets to for free….its the inauguration of an event our city has every year. It should be fun….but parking is $15. I may be able to split the cost with everyone else that’s going, but I won’t push it too much since I “invited” everyone. Projected Expenses – $45.00. (I’m thinking $20 for the jewelry, $15 for parking at night, plus $10 at the botanical garden)

On Sunday there’s another festival-type thing going on downtown. Parking might be $3 (unless I can use my work parking pass…but I don’t know if its valid on the weekends). Everything else is free…unless we get hungry. I’m thinking of packing sandwiches for us to have at the park while we’re there. Later that night I got tickets for another concert!! Its a popular band, so I’m pretty excited….especially since I got the tickets at work for free and we’ll be sitting in the company’s “luxury” suite!! (Sweet!) We don’t even have to pay for parking for this one. Projected Expenses – $25.00. (This is a pretty low guess, actually. I’m thinking $10 for sandwich supplies, $3 for parking, $12 for misc. food that night. I’ll try my best to stay under that.)

And that concludes my weekend plans. If I stay within the budget I set for myself….I’ll still go over my weekly expenses. (Ugh!) Perhaps I’ll cut back on the jewelry (only 1 pair, for about $10) and not spend anything at the botanical garden (another $10), and I’ll still have a few bucks left for the rest of the week! lol.

Stay tuned to find out what happens….

I hope you all have a great weekend!!