I had an action packed weekend planned as of Friday afternoon…and while I had a great weekend, I didn’t do half the things I set out to do. And sadly enough, I spent twice as much as I would’ve liked to. We’ll start with Friday….

Went to the galleries as planned with my mom. (Did not run.) Unfortunately when I got home I was starved, and my mom suggested we go out to eat…I went with it. We went to a pizza place (the BF’s favorite pizza place) and it was great! We split a pizza and had leftovers…when the check came I decided to treat my mom since I don’t do it very often. Projected Expense: $0. Actual: $17.13.

On Friday night we’d changed our plans for the morning. I’d do my mystery shop in the afternoon, but in the morning I’d go with my mom to the botanical garden. Friday night I fell asleep at 10:30 (yes, I was exhausted!) and in the morning I still didn’t feel like getting up at 10:30am. My mom was meeting a friend at noon, so we cancelled the garden plans. Instead I took my time in getting ready and did my shop. At the jewelry store….well, I got overwhelmed and ended up buying $30 in jewelry. That’s not so bad considering I got 4 pairs of earrings (1 for my mom), 1 necklace, and a bracelet. However considering I’d set my limit at $10 its not so great. I had told my sister I’d make us all pizza before heading out to the city event, so I stopped by the grocery store on the way back home to get supplies and cash. That ended up being $45.91. The worst part? I figured I wouldn’t have enough time to let the dough properly rise, so I ended up skipping the pizza. My sister bought us Taco Bell, and my brother-in-law ended up paying for parking which was $10. Projected Expenses: $45.00, Actual: $78.01.

Sunday morning I once again didn’t feel like going to the festival. Instead I went to Panera with the BF (he paid) and then we hung out at his house and watched Armageddon (lol…sorry, but it is SUCH a bad movie. I’ve seen it a few times, but never from the beginning, which doesn’t help. hehe.) We left to the concert at 6pm, but after stopping at Taco Bell. When we got to the arena we discovered our “luxury suite” had food waiting for us!!! Complete with a Nacho Bar. UGH! I could’ve saved those $6. lol. Projected Expenses: $25.00, Actual: $0.00 (I paid for the Taco Bell with cash, which was included in the grocery run)

Total Weekend Damage: $95.14

Not good…not good at all….

I’m getting myself in line. New post coming soon…


By the way, the concert rocked!!! The seats were great, but apparently there are more tickets given out for suites than they have seats for….who knew?! Some people (including my friend that works for the same company) ended up having to bring over chairs from the lounge and try to see what was going on. Luckily we were the first ones there and got the best seats (or so I think). It didn’t occur to me to save her seats. =[