Its no secret I’ve been spending way more than usual these past few weeks. It all started with the Avenue Q tickets, and after my latest shopping “spree” I think I’ve had enough fun. I’m going to start by going over what I’ve spent, and then I’ll give you all a look into how exactly I keep track of where the money’s coming from to cover my usual purchases.

Avenue Q – $66.35
Ann Taylor (Round 1) – $41.65
Ann Taylor Online – $20.70
Haircut (plus tip) – $88.00
Ann Taylor (Round 2- mom) – $15.00
Online Exam Prep – $49.95*
Ann Taylor (Round 3) – $57.76
Nine West – $96.28**
September Gas overage – $55.94***
Jewelry shop – $32.10

Total – $522.73

Holy moly!

*I’m planning on trying to get my company to reimburse me for this. They’ll probably say no, but there’s still a chance they’ll cover it.

**I’m going to be returning the purse, which was $50, so that number will go down.

***Yes, from September. I kept pushing it back and I never made up for it, so its still on the list.

So how did I get to this point? A combination of impatience, and overestimating how much extra money I had to spend, and simply pleading ignorance. What normally happens is that I have a little stash in one of my savings accounts that accumulates as Extra money. When I don’t have enough fun money to buy something in particular I’ll normally look in there, figure out how much extra spending money I have, and shop accordingly. Usually I’ll have from $20-$40, in there, but lately since I’ve been working on my dance fund and my passport fund I’d been taking money from there, that left it at $0. I conveniently forgot about that.

Another way that I accumulate money is through mystery shops and cash back from my credit card. Unfortunately I’d spent the last of my mystery shop money to complete my passport fund, so there was nothing left in there. My cash back I’m saving for my November charitable donation (and I’d just feel like a jerk using up that money on myself after I said I’d donate it).

So what will I do now?

I’m going to spend as little as possible. No eating out at work, minimal eating out with the BF. I’m going to try and pick up some more mystery shops that pay (and not just straight reimbursements….because in the end that isn’t making me any money). One last thing, and I feel kind of guilty about this, is I’m ONLY making edible Christmas gifts for everyone (that means I’ve got to make them really impressive!!!). I have $500 in my gift fund, but I want to make it through the season on only half that. So we’ll see. I normally host a cookie party for the family, and I hope they’ll consider that as a gift from me as well.

I’ll also be adding a progress bar on the right, titled “Personal Debt” since its not on my credit card or anything. Its money I owe myself….or rather, money I owe my bank account.