This might come as old news to some of you, but I was about to throw away my coupon from yesterday’s lunch at Burger King when I saw the flash of an all too familiar word on the back of the receipt….FREE. It wasn’t very big, but my eye caught it somehow, and so I read the rest of the note. In summary, they’ll give me a free Whopper if I call in and complete a survey. Granted, I have to buy fries and a drink, but that’s a couple of bucks off, right? Buy $1 fries a $1 soda, and you get a free sandwich! (About $2.60 here…so that’s $.60 savings? lol). I’m a sucker for freebies, so I’ll probably call tonight after work and use the coupon when I go next time with the BF (so that he can eat all the fries, hehe).

One other place that I know does this is Wendy’s. You call their hotline, write down the code number, write it on the back of the receipt and they give you a free Frosty Float. Too bad I hate floats. Otherwise I would’ve been all over it. Maybe next time I’ll do it and ask for the float without the soda! 😉 Maybe they’ll do it for me. hehe.

One final word of warning…they usually have expiration dates, either for the timeframe that you can use the coupon or for completing the survey.

Just thought I’d throw that out there! Next time before you throw out your receipt read the back….you just might find something useful!

If you know of any other places that do something similar let me know.