Nothing overly exciting happened this week. Even though I kept the number of transactions low, I still managed to overspend this week. I even spent all my cash!! The good news is that I cooked at home a little bit, but I seriously need to expand my repertoire past tuna salad, pita pizzas, and other random things. Maybe its time I finally make that chinese rice….hmm. Perhaps that can be my weekend project? Here’s my spending for the week.

11/7 Deposit $75.16
11/7 Dance Account $15.00 ($60.16 left)
11/7 Pizza with Mom $17.13 ($43.03 left)
11/8 Groceries and cash $45.91 (-$2.88 left)

I’m considering going on a cash allowance each week to limit my eating out, and keep it within a certain amount. Having some extra money at the end of the week will help me “pay off” my personal debts, plus it will force me to think a little bit before I call up the boyfriend and say “hey, let’s go eat out!” (which I do often while I’m mindlessly driving home, craving something warm and fattening). 

So my tentative plan is to withdraw $40 and try to live off of that the whole week. If I can do that, at the end of the week I’ll have $20 (a little bit less this week) that I can put towards that debt. It comes to almost $6 a day, which I think is reasonable. Am I totally off on that? I’m sure there are people out there that can make it through a week with $40. As long as I don’t spend all $40 before Monday I should be ok….I just need to work on my cooking!