This week I tried something new (for me), a cash allowance. I ended the week (almost, there’s still today left) and the good news is I still have some cash left!! The bad news is that I still used my credit card, although to my defense its really the BF’s fault (he needed to buy something and accidentally left his wallet at home, so I covered it). I also had a mystery shop I needed to do, but I HAD TO pay with a credit card.

Starting Balance -$2.88
11/14 Deposit $75.16 ($72.28 left)
11/14 Dance $15.00 ($57.28 left)
11/14 CVS & Cash $40.27 ($17.01 left)*
11/15 Mystery Shop $9.59 ($7.42 left)**
11/15 Walgreens $14.44 (-$7.02 left)***
11/16 Vistaprint $5.98 (-$13.00 left)****

So that concludes my week. Technically I could’ve paid for the BF’s folly with cash, but I wanted to make sure I had some money ($15) for me to use on lunch during the week. Its a good thing I didn’t use it up, because I ended up having to spend the last three days visiting a client, and I couldn’t bring my own food. That also explains why I didn’t have more cash left over. Interestingly enough though, lunch at the client’s office was cheaper than it would’ve been around here! I have $3 left. I’m definitely giving it another shot next week, and I’m hoping it will go much better. I know that tomorrow I don’t need to worry about lunch since I’m going to a training and they will be providing it for me, and the same goes for Saturday.

I know I’m a day early, but since I’ll be out all day tomorrow and Saturday I hope you have a good weekend!



*At this point I should’ve stopped spending and that would’ve been my “extra” money for the week, but I didn’t.

**This will get reimbursed at the end of next month. As soon as that happens it will be applied towards my “personal debt”

***Totally the BF’s fault! lol.

****Um, yeah….no excuses here. I ordered some holiday cards. I didn’t want to wait TOO much longer, because you never know what happens with their shipping times. Sometimes they’re quick, sometimes they take WEEKS! The cards were free, the $6 was for shipping.