I’ve been tagged by “Making up for past mistakes“, so now I have to share 6 interesting things about me. Let’s hope these are interesting enough!!  😉

1. I have a pretty darned good memory….and so its hard for me to “forgive and forget”. I remember betrayals from 3rd grade, off-hand comments that rubbed me the wrong way, and embarrassing moments. Its exhausting sometimes! lol.

2. I danced classical spanish dance (and flamenco) for 5 years, yet I never had the heart to tell my mom I wanted to be a gymnast instead.

3. I don’t dance in public. (Actually, I hate “normal” dancing….you know, that stuff you do at clubs and parties, lol.)

4. I didn’t get my drivers license until I was 21. (I know how you feel sometimes, FB!) I do my best thinking while I’m driving on the freeway….I love it! 

5. I hate crowds. I get grouchy going to movies on opening night and have to wait in line with all those people (lol). I felt as though I was going to have a panic attack on Halloween when the crowds were so thick we could barely move. I’m turning into an old lady!

6. I have been known to pass out while listening to people talk about gruesome medical procedures, or while visiting family members in the hospital…and my sister’s a doctor, so it made for some fun times while she was doing her residency (“Hey QL, you’ll never guess what I did at the hospital today!!!”) In my defense, I’m highly imaginative so when I hear or see things I start to imagine what it must feel like to have those things done to you. As long as I’m not thinking about how it would feel, I’m good. (This also explains why I cry so much, lol.)

So those are my 6. Now I’m supposed to tag 6 others to tell us 6 interesting things about them. I don’t want to exclude anyone though….so feel free to tag yourself, and either post your 6 items in the comments, or let me know when you’ve done it on your blog and I’ll post a link to it below. 🙂