I’m back in the office after my two-day training (it was very educational, for once!), and I’m glad its just a 3-day week. Not that my work for these days is particularly intellectually challenging, but I’ve got a lot of people to chase for random bits of information.

Anyway, I had an interesting weekend. I had that training on Friday, but in the morning I worked from my house for a few hours. It was somewhat odd for me. I don’t have an office set-up, so I just stationed myself on my bed and worked on the laptop and made some calls. It felt really odd, lol. The good part was I slept in a bit. Took a shower and got ready while checking my emails. While I was at training I ran into the co-worker with whom I agreed to split the costs for the online practice tests earlier this month. I’d completely forgot about it, but he gave me $20! Yay! (That was slightly less than half, but I honestly had not been expecting to get paid….even if he hadn’t agreed to it, I would’ve ended up paying the full $50). As a result I had $20 in cash, so after training I stopped by an ATM to get another $20 to last me the whole week.

Before heading home I also decided to stop by Walmart. I had an unfortunate incident with my black tights one morning last week getting ready for work, rendering them useless (unless I can stitch them up and wear them with boots? We’ll see.) I wanted to check out their selection, and maybe pick up some baking necessities. I ended up with chocolate chips, cake mix, frosting, and two pairs of tights. Might I add, I was very impressed with Walmart’s selection. I got a plain black pair, I almost  got a couple brown pairs (but I didn’t since I suspected I had a pair or two at home, and I did) and a gold pair (which looks nude, with some gold sparklies on it…not as gaudy as it sounds). All of their pairs were $5, and the quality is surprisingly good. I’m no tights expert though, so if you know of better deals than that let me know. I’d like to stop by target this week as well to see what they have. If I don’t find any there, there were three pairs I had my eye on at Walmart….a patterened beige/nude pair, a bright magenta pair, and a royal blue pair.

I’m pretty excited about the rest of the week too. I made a delicious Cranberry-Banana Bread (recipe on JoyTheBaker.com, I’ll link to it later), and I can’t wait to make something new! My sister’s birthday is later this week and I want to make the cupcake bites (as seen on bakerella.com), but I still need to buy candy melts and a flower cookie cutter. I also have to find the time to make them, since I’d like for them to be a surprise for her.

Wednesday night is when we’ll get the bulk of our cooking prep done….the kids (us) always take charge of all the chopping, cutting, etc, while my mom removes the bones from the turkey. Its quite an operation.

Thursday is Thanksgiving, of course….easily my favorite holiday of the year. This year I’m participating in my very first 5k on Thanksgivng!!! (My first 5k, period.) I haven’t run for close to a month, so I’m really  out of shape again (and its super disappointing), but I’m going to go through with it anyway. I want to make it a personal tradition. I guess I can use it as a baseline so that years from now I can look back and say “remember when it took me an hour to run that 5k?!! hahaha….” =]

Money-wise, I think this will be a pretty good week. I have close to $20 left in cash, and I’m sure I can bring sandwiches to work the rest of the week. As long as baking supplies don’t go over $20 I’ll be fine….and maybe I’ll even have money LEFT OVER?!! lol. I have my sister’s birthday present taken care of, as well as my mom’s, however I’d like to take my mom out to lunch and/or dinner on Friday. That will be coming out of the following week’s budget though.

Here’s to a great Thanksgiving week!!