Just a few weeks back I made a visit to my local Nine West store. After much deliberation I came out with a pair of shoes I had been coveting for a while….for only $39! While there I signed up for their email and future rewards program.

Fast forward a couple of weeks and I receive an email from them….oh boy, all clearance shoes 25% off! (Plus free shipping). I look around, and of course I find my shoes. Grrr….the 25% off means I just overspent by $10!! Then again, my mom wanted a pair in black so I decided to ask her what size she is and perhaps get her a pair for her birthday. A day or two later I log back in to order my mom’s shoes….they’re now $29!! PLUS the extra 25% off, bringing them down to $22. Perfect! I buy them for her.

The next day I get a brilliant idea….it was too late for a price adjustment on my previous purchase, BUT what if I order a new pair online and return the old ones?!! YES!! So I ordered them…except I waited too long and now I only have a week to spare before my 30 days expire and they won’t take my return. Yikes! (I just checked shipping though, and they say they’ll arrive today….let’s hope they’re right, otherwise I won’t get them until next week!)

That’s not the end of the story though. The day after I order them, I get an email from Nine West again. This time all clearance ITEMS (shoes AND accessories) are 30% OFF!! Geez….lol. I’m not ordering anymore shoes, but I guess at this point I might as well pass on the deal…

So, if you’re interested in getting 30% off on all Clearance items at Nine West (plus free shipping on orders over $25) let me know and I’ll forward you the email. Its not a code, you have to click through the email. If you need free shipping on orders under $25 I believe the code vip2008 will work (that’s how I got my free shipping since it was only $24 per pair).  There’s no expiration date on the email though, so I’d hurry if I was you….unless you want to wait and see what comes along with Black Friday! hehe. (Personally, I will try to NOT touch the mall for a few weeks….so I really hope those shoes come in today.)