This was a strange and short week….simply because getting off of work for the weekend at 2pm on Wednesday disoriented me. I thought that was Friday, and then yesterday I thought it was Saturday….yet now its Friday again? lol. Either way, this helped me out with my spending because I managed to have money left over at the end of the week!!

Starting Balance -$13.00
11/21 Deposit $75.16 ($62.16 left)
11/21 Dance Account $15.00 ($47.16 left)
11/21 Cash $20.00 ($27.16 left)

I finally had some money left over this week!! And quite a decent amount, as far as my weeks go…the only reason this was possible was that a co-worker paid me back those $20 for a test prep product I bought, and so I cut down my weekly cash withdrawal to $20 (still equaling $40 total though). This money is going right into my Personal Debt pool. Not surprisingly, I didn’t have any cash left over this week.

This week I’m doing things slightly different. I’m taking my mom out to the movies for her birthday, and I’d like to do dinner with my mom and sister tomorrow night, so I’m not going to take out the same amount of cash. We’ll see how the weekend ends, and then I might take out $20 on Sunday night or Monday.

As for how my week went….it was pretty good. I worked productively on Monday and Tuesday, but Wednesday was kind of a wasted day. In the evenings I also worked on the dessert for my sister (the cupcake bites from Bakerella….which, by the way ended up looking disastrous. They taste delicious though.) I didn’t finish until Wednesday night, nearly in tears, lol.

Since I got home early on Wednesday I was also able to meet the UPS truck as it delivered my Nine West shoes!!! They came on time! I immediately opened them up, pulled out my old receipt and headed over to the mall to return them (I definitely do NOT want to be at the mall with any Black Friday crowds!). The return went smooth, and I saved $18! hehe. (Was I a total cheapskate for doing this?! lol)

Yesterday (Thanksgiving Day) I completed my very first 5k!!!! I was kind of nervous, didn’t know what to expect, and so I didn’t tell anyone about it. It may sound weird, but I wanted it to be my thing. Since I’d also never done one before, I also didn’t want to embarrass myself, lol. When my boyfriend found out about this he got kind of mad….he says it was a big thing for me, and he wanted to be there…so now I feel really bad about excluding him. What’s done is done though. [shrugs]

I must be reading Laura‘s blog too much, because right after I finished it I was thinking about what race I’ll be doing next!!! (Except I don’t do marathons, I barely ran half of it, and my next one is in a few months, NOT next week, lol.) So yes, I’m signing up for my next race today and its in March. My mom also wants to get into better shape, so she wants to try a race sometimes. There’s another coming up in our city in January, so we might sign up together and walk that one. It should be fun!

So that was my week. I can’t believe November’s almost over!! I guess I better start looking for those holiday cards I bought last year…

For those in the US, I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!