I’ve been wracking my brain for a couple of months or so, maybe more, about what to get the BF for Christmas this year. I want to get him something thoughtful, but not necessarily really expensive…but what?!!

A month ago I thought I had the perfect gift. There’s a band that he loves, and so I thought I could get him tickets to go see them. SCORE! One problem…they weren’t coming to our city. I checked their other tour stops to see if there was anywhere we could drive. There wasn’t. I started thinking maybe we can fly to another city and go see them? Suddenly my simple not-too-expensive idea turned into a pretty darned pricey one. I had already mentioned it to him, so when I suggested that maybe we shouldn’t fly to go see them (it was more expensive than I could spare, plus the seats that were left were pretty crappy) I felt really bad.

I had another idea before that…we’ve been wanting to take tap lessons (don’t laugh), and while I haven’t been able to find a class near us for adults, there are plenty of instructional videos. I figured maybe I can get him a pair of shoes along with an instructional video or one of our favorite Astaire or Gene Kelley movies. I’m not sure if its too cheesy, or if he’ll be disappointed that’s all he’s getting. lol. Plus, shouldn’t I get him something more…practical?

My final idea was to get him new sunglasses. He lost the last pair I gave him during a work trip, however this would be the third pair of sunglasses I get him (he’s lost two of them), and the fifth pair of frames I get him. Plus, should I just get the same style? Should I get him something new? Would he prefer to pick it out himself?

I’m always second-guessing myself when it comes to gifts. Last year I knew I had thought of the perfect gift. The only problem was I didn’t know what font to personalize it in, and in the end I didn’t get it. What do you know….on Christmas eve on my way over to his house he says “my brother got me the coolest gift, wait until you see it!” Yes, his brother got him what I wanted to get him (except it wasn’t personalized, and a different brand). I know it sounds petty, but I felt cheated….as though I’d been “out done” with my own idea. The only thing that made me feel better was that if I had gotten it for him I would’ve made his brother feel worse. So….yeah…

 That leaves me back at square one, with no idea on what to get him. Should I go with my cheesy idea (tap shoes), the practical one (sunglasses), or something else? Help!

Any suggestions?