Not too bad this week, although I didn’t do so well with bringing my lunch to work. Another round of laziness is to blame. Fortunately (unfortunately, actually) I ended up not taking my mom to the movies for her birthday….we had some scheduling problems, but fun was had by all. Instead we went for a drive around town where holiday displays were already up, stopping by to get some gelato at a shop I’d wanted to take her to. It was cheap, and she enjoyed the low-key celebration. Afterwards we went to my aunts house where the celebration continued.

11/28 Deposit $75.16
11/28 Dance Acct $15.00 ($60.16 left)
11/28 Gelato $4.00 ($56.16 left)
11/29 Taco Bell $8.10 ($48.06 left)
11/30 Walmart $20.05 ($28.01 left)
12/1 Subway $5.35 ($22.66 left)
12/4 Subway $5.35 ($17.31 left)

I bought some more tights at Walmart: the beige pair I wanted, and an “exotic purple” pair (my mom thought the hot pink ones were too bold). I think if I can find a navy pair somewhere I’ll be done and prepared for any tights emergency.  🙂

I also found my dad’s birthday present! It came out to under $24, and I got him THREE DVD’s! I hope he enjoys them…he’s always asking if I have any to watch, and I never do. That came out of my gift fund, so its not included with my recap. Now I just have to figure out what to get him for Christmas….