I was watching TV last week with the BF when a Christmas themed commercial came on….and his reaction was somewhat unexpected. “I wish I could get rid of Christmas.” WHAT?!!! I thought out loud….why would he ever want to do that?!

This is going to be his first Christmas with a baby nephew, and its gotten him thinking. The whole “Santa” issue, the expectation and obligation of “presents”…its finally gotten to him. While it would be great to be able to take Santa out of the picture how do you raise a kid and pull that off? Sure, you can wipe Santa out of your celebrations at home, but eventually they’ll go to school and learn that everyone else gets gifts from Santa (but they don’t?!! what a buzzkill for a kid….plus you don’t want to be the parent of that kid that ruined Christmas/Santa for all the others. That will make you a very unpopular parent). Just a few thoughts we threw out, but my intent wasn’t to post about Santa this time around….

The BF’s  conclusion was that he’s boycotting Christmas shopping this year. He doesn’t want anyone to go shopping for gifts for him, and he isn’t going to go “shopping” for anyone either. As far as he’s concerned Christmas has turned into this huge machine, where everyone needs to buy, and every kid needs to get their fix of toys and giftwrap.

Its interesting….when he said this I was kind of relieved. Not because I don’t want to buy him anything…but because there isn’t that pressure of having to find a “perfect gift.” (And what PF blogger doesn’t love to hear their significant other talking about cutting back on consumerism?!! Maybe its just me? lol). I thought “this is wonderful!! I can give him a simple gift of cookies and creme brulee….he’ll love it!”

Well, yesterday I asked him again…just to make sure. I didn’t want to not get him anything, and then look like an ass when he gets me something anyway. And yes, he still felt the same way.

So….we’re officially boycotting Christmas shopping this year, lol. Actually, he did mention that he’s still going to buy his dad some memory for his laptop but the gift was in the work he’d put into improving the laptop’s performance. If you ask me, that’s cheating!! lol. Then again if that’s the case I guess I’m also cheating as well, because I planned on getting my little cousins some books from the used book store. =]