In an interesting twist of events, the BF’s family has invited me to participate in their gift exchange this year.

Looks like they’re trying to cut back too, so they decided to do a Secret Santa instead of everyone getting presents for everyone. I was kind of caught off guard when his mom asked if I wanted to participate…I was really flattered that they invited me to do so, so without thinking too much…I said yes. I asked if the BF was participating, but it seemed as though they had just come up with the idea so he didn’t know about it yet.

I asked him about it again afterwards, but it seems as though they haven’t mentioned anything else since then (this was on Sunday or Monday that they brought it up). The BF says he “guesses” he’s participating…and I “guess” that’s good, because if he says no it’d be pretty awkward for me to still do it, so I’d have to bow out. But then again…it feels like I”m counteracting what he’s going for with the family. Eeek! I feel like I’m caught in the middle!

Anyway, a few things they didn’t discuss….when they are drawing the names (if I’m going to buy something I’m going to need time!), if there’s a price limit and what it will be (awkward for me if there isn’t one.) 

Another thought…some of his family I know quite well and would have a pretty good idea of what to get them…but others? Not so much. I think there’s even more pressure with this, because I’m worried someone’s going to be let down by what I get them. (You see?! There we go again with the pressure of Christmas gifting….) In the end I figure it won’t be such a “Secret” Santa, because I’ll probably end up asking the BF for help on what to get.

Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea….[sigh]…


PS. If you’re wondering why I said yes in the first place….its a little personal, and maybe even a bit silly. We’ve been dating for 5 1/2 years, and yet I’ve never been to his house when they exchange gifts on Christmas. On the one hand I’m fine with that, because if I had been there they would have felt obligated to get me gifts during that time (and I’m more comfortable without them giving me gifts to be honest). But on the other hand….come on, 5 years and I’m ALWAYS at their house! (They live only a few blocks from me) The whole gift exchange thing is pretty personal; we always try to do it when its just family with my aunts and cousins, so I understand that. But, I dunno….being automatically excluded kind of makes me feel…well, excluded. So when they asked me to participate this year it meant a lot for me.