..but it wasn’t TOO bad this time! (I think?)

It all started on Friday, when I had a training class that was being held not too far from the mall. I figured after the class I could stop by and return a pair of pants that I’d bought a while ago (for work) and then decided not to keep. Sounded like a fair enough plan, so I took the pants and receipt with me and went to my class. When I got to the mall I pulled out my receipt to make sure that I was within their 90 day policy, but it turns out….I had brought the wrong receipt!!!! Argh!!

Instead of going home I ended up “window shopping” for a while though, and accidentally walked out with a few things. And then the next day I went to another mall with my mom and again (this time not “accidentally”) bought a few more for work.

Here’s a summary of my buys:

Forever 21 Jacket $19.99 (perfect for when its too warm for my coat, too cold for my cardigans, and when a sweatshirt/hoodie won’t do)

Rocketdog Shoes (DSW) $19.99 after coupons (black flat Mary Jane style….just what I’ve been looking for! Plus I finally used those coupons I’d been saving.)

Ann Taylor (AT) Pants $11.99 after discount (plaid-like pattern, but not over the top. Great for work….and I’ve been desperate for some new pants!)

AT Burgundy shirt $15.00 after discount (very cute for the holidays, and I could always use new shirts for work)

AT Pencil Skirt $11.98 after discount (fits great….and great price! Included a belt)

AT Gray long-sleeved shirt $11.98 after discount (perfect for work)

AT Pants returned $22.47 (khakis I didn’t need anymore, plus were already a little loose since I’d lost some weight)

Total Damage = $74.22

So I went a little bit over my weekly budget, but the only thing I actually bought that I didn’t “need” was the pencil skirt. And if you ask me those were all pretty good buys! I know its not saying much, but I promise I’m done with clothes shopping for myself for this year!!!