Breaking News at Quarterlife Finances:

…..I just got a raise!!! Whoo!!

Back in October there’d been talk about a small “promotion” due to the completion of my 2 year rotation program. However, that was just in time for the wonderful phone call from our regional office. As many of you can recall I was debating if I should negotiate what my salary would be raised to. Well, I interpreted that phone call as meaning that I was no longer up for the salary increase, and so negotiation was way out of the question and still is. Well, this morning I got a call from our HR department and she clarified that they would still be allowing them to put through the paperwork for that!!! Wee!!! The raise will be slightly under $2k a year, but it brings me up to a nice round salary number. Yay! (I think they’re even giving me a retroactive pay back to June!)

I’m very excited. Its not just about the money (because really, its no huge sum), but the principle of it. With so much depressing news going on, and fears of losing my job for reasons none of us can control….at least they think I’m doing a good job!

Anyway, I’m on my way to training but I thought I’d share the good news!