This week wasn’t quite the stellar success that last week was. Mostly because I happened to run into what (I think) were some good deals! As I wrote about before, I bought a jacket, pair of shoes, pants, skirt, and two shirts….and returned a pair of pants. So for what I spent I really think I got a lot.

I also had a somewhat rough week at work. I had to commute to our company headquarters every day this week. As a result I’d be exhausted when I got home, took a nap or hung out with the BF, and ended up dragging myself to sleep without getting a chance to prepare the next day’s lunch. Part laziness, I’ll admit, but that explains my numerous trips to Moe’s, lol. Luckily I had leftover Moe’s two days, and yesterday a co-worker treated me to lunch (to Chipotle, nonetheless. Have I mentioned I love burritos?!! lol.) Today I have training and lunch will be included.

Anyway, enough excuses! Here’s my spending recap for the week…

12/12 Deposit $75.16
12/12 Dance Account $15.00 ($60.15 left)
12/12Forever 21 $20.87 ($39.29 left)
12/12 DSW $21.35 ($17.94 left)
12/13 Ann Taylor Factory +22.47 ($40.41 left)
12/13 Ann Taylor Loft $54.47 (-$14.06 left)
12/15 Moe’s $8.18 (-$22.24 left)
12/16 Taco Bell $7.35 (-$29.59 left)
12/17 Moe’s $6.38 (-$35.97 left)

Bummer. The one good thing is I’m officially on vacation as of 5pm this afternoon, so I won’t have that excuse of eating out for lunch. I’ll only be taking out $20 in cash, and that better be enough!!! hehe.

Tonight I’ll be baking my butt off. I’ve been hosting a cookie party for all the kids in my family for the past two years, so this will be our 3rd! Unfortunately I haven’t had the energy to start on the dough-making so I’ve got a lot of work ahead of me….I just hope our little stand mixer will take the strain!! (Last year it started letting out smoke. After a bit of rest though I’ve been able to use it all year.) This year’s “menu” will have slightly less gingerbread cookies (I had dozens left over….apparently most people don’t like those as much as I do) and we will have sugar cookies instead. Last year I couldn’t make them because of the aforementioned stand mixer issues, lol. If I have time I’ll make the chocolate swirl cookies from Ah yes, and pizza for everyone…..but that won’t be made by me. hehe. (FYI: all of these expenses are coming from my Christmas Gift Fund. I learned after last year!)

I wish everyone a Happy Friday!
Wish me and my little old stand mixer luck!! (Or as I always joke around….maybe it’ll finally kick the bucket and I’ll “have to” get a shiny new Kitchenaid?!! lol)