I’ve been meaning to go to the dentist since September, but because of all the job/office changes I’ve gone through I haven’t wanted to set an appointment only to have to find out I’m supposed to be at the office 80 miles away that day instead. Last week it finally occurred to me that if I take a week off I’ll have time to go! But again…I wasn’t sure my days off would be approved, and I just plain kept forgetting to call.

I called this morning, and of course, everyone’s either home from college or trying to take advantage of their benefits before the new year starts. [sigh] I’m on “stand by” now, and I may or may not get in with a hygienist. I guess I won’t be heart broken if I have to wait until January.

Update: I got an appointment for Wednesday morning!! 8:30am, so that means I have to wake up fairly early. At least I’ll be able to get my 2nd appointment in this year!