I still have slightly less than one week left of vacation, yet I’m already feeling overloaded by all this free time. This has been an interesting holiday season. I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it….I’ve had quite a good time, but its left me feeling a bit drained. (It could just be hormones speaking though…)

This year I seriously cut back on the spending I did on gifts. I normally try and give a small gift to everyone in my family (4 aunts and husbands, plus 11 cousins, plus parents, sister/brother in law, and BF) but this year I chose not to, and instead threw the cookie party and made extra cookies for Christmas Day. For the first time I was not stressed AT ALL! Ok, I lie….I kind of freaked out when one of the recipes went “wrong”, and I started freaking out when my uncle tried to take cookies the day before I was “giving them” to everyone. Other than that though….it was great.

That is, until the next day. I started feeling a little guilty (if you can call it that) about not having gotten people proper gifts. Even now I’m a bit confused as to how I feel, and it really bothers me!! lol.

I’ve also had the good fortune to have been able to take these two weeks off from work. I had these grand plans….wake up early every morning. Clean up around the house, get some reading done, read some material for work, exercise….and yet I’ve done nothing. Well, I finally cleaned up my room and laundry, but….I feel like such a bum!

I have done a few productive things though….I went to Walmart and got some Andes mint chocolates for 50% off as well as one popcorn tin for my house and one for the BF’s (I love those!!!), I managed to go to the mall and NOT buy any junk I don’t need, I got my oil changed today with a $10 discount (it paid off to wait!! Literally!), I figured out what to do with my 401(k) for now, I’ve thought a bit about what goals I want to tackle specifically in 2009, and I’ve definitely caught up on my sleep.

My vacation isn’t over yet, so I hope my spirits improve in the next few days. Until then, I wish everyone a safe and very happy New Year’s Eve!!!