What an excellent way to start the new year. I just got paid for the week, and it included my retrograde pay back to June!! The total extra amount came to $598.77, and here’s what I did with it:

  • $42.64 went to pay the remainder of what I owed for my haircut
  • $158.16 went to pay the remainder of what I owed for un-authorized clothing purchases (in other words: the amount by which I went over budget by spending money on clothes!)
  • $24.40 paid for the amount I went over my gas budget in November
  • $364 paid for a flight I took in 2007 and never paid my mom back for

That leaves me with $9.57, which I’m leaving in my whatever fund and do not plan on touching for now.Scratch that, I’m putting that towards my “Black Pants” fund, since I need a new pair so desperately, hehe.

I’m happy to say I’m starting the year with my personal debt paid off, and I aim to keep it that way: with a $0 balance!

I also took a moment to increase my Roth IRA contributions to $400/month since as of the next pay period my contributions to my 401(k) will decrease.

Next week I should know what my new weekly pay will be from here on out so I’ll be redoing my budget, which will in turn result in my being able to finally post my “Comfort in Numbers: Part 2” post! For me that also means I’ll be able to adjust my wonderful spreadsheets to reflect changes, and so I’ll be able to project where my savings will be at any date in the future.

Here’s to a great and debt-free 2009!