I’ve been hesitant to post any 2009 goals/resolutions until now, mostly because of the holiday overload I’ve been feeling, and besides,  I like the thought that when a new year comes you get this magical chance to start over…but come on, January 1st is just another day!! lol. Instead I took a moment and reviewed the status of my “25 goals to accomplish before turning 25”. My conclusion: holy crap! I’ve gotten NOTHING done! I’m going to try and focus on this more for the next 7 months.

As far as 2009 goes, I did decide to set two goals for myself. They have nothing to do with money because I have many other goals going on right now, and I’m ok with that. I’m focusing on the two things that could make the biggest impact in my life at the moment.

1) Continue running in order to achieve my goal of running a 5k all the way through. This has been painstakingly slow for me, and I realize its going to take me much longer than just a few months (as the “Couch to 5k” program led me to believe it’d be!!! lol)

2) Tackle clutter!! I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before, but I am a packrat, and while I’ve improved I have a LONG way to go. My clothes is the biggest problem….I have tons of it, and I don’t wear half (or half of it should be trashed and never looked at again. What can I say…I get emotionally attached to my clothes!), and laundry days are usually week long events because I get too lazy to find space to squeeze my newly washed clothes into place.

So there they are, my two goals for 2009. Not very exciting, but it is what it is.