It felt odd calling this a December week since we are now in January, but its only the 2nd…So week 5 it is. Don’t have much to say I haven’t already said this week, so here’s my recap:

12/26 Deposit $75.16
12/26 Dance Account $15.00 ($60.16 left)
12/28 Wendy’s $6.63 ($53.53 left)
12/29 Walmart $8.56 ($44.97 left)
12/29 Cash $20.00 ($24.97 left)
12/30 Panera $14.65 ($10.32 left)
12/30 Oil Change $23.66 (-$13.34 left)

Being on vacation has been worse on my waistline than my budget. Mostly because instead of going out to grab something to eat or (dare I say it) cook something, I’d opt to munch on the junk we had at home: anniversary cake, cookies, flavored popcorn….all in the name of saving money  😉  (That’s my story and I’m sticking to it!)

Sadly enough I’m looking forward, kind of, to going back to work. The tough part will be getting back into the routine of brown-bagging my lunches!

Oh, and I almost forgot…I start back with my bellydancing classes this week!! Tomorrow, to be exact. Yay!