It seems as though in the excitement of the New Year I kindasorta forgot about my December goals! Result: I failed nearly all of them. Yikes! I’m noticing a pattern here…

December Goals

1. Save $15 a week for belly dancing. Done! (Possibly because its automated? haha)

2. Bring lunch to work 4 out of 5 days of the week. Considering I can’t remember, I’ll take it as a FAIL.

3. Limit eating out after work to twice during the week and once on the weekend. FAIL.

4. Maintain a record of my holiday spending (as opposed to scrambling to find receipts at the end of the month). Keep spending to under $500 (my current ”Gift Fund”). Done! It was fairly easy though since my purchases were limited and the Cookie Party expenses were all in the same day. I spent only slightly more than half my budget!

5. Finish reading 1 book. FAIL. Although I must mention that I DID read during the Christmas break! I might be halfway through the book and I’d like to finish it this month.

6. Run 3 times a week. FAIL. And quite spectacularly, at that. I might’ve gone for a run twice during the whole month.


I’m not giving up on myself completely though. That means new goals for January! Here they are….

1. Save $15 a week for belly dancing. (Although I’m considering just making this an item apart from my “Fun Money”. Same thing, just less annoying than having it here every month.)

2. Finalize the new budget after the raise. (Easy enough, right? I’m looking at some big changes in how I structure my budget though, so who knows…)

3. Walk over “the bridge” twice (once each week) before the 5k with my mom. (The 5k course will have an incline, as does the bridge….and we need to practice!)

4. Finish reading that book, and start another. (New book TBD. Right now I’m reading a book I bought for school but never read: Neuromancer.)

5. Run 3 times a week, and incorporate a new workout once a week.