Yesterday I came the closest I’ve ever been to being in a car crash (while driving), and boy was it scary!! Here’s what happened…

I was leaving work and was at an intersection preparing to make a lefthand turn to get on the expressway. The key is that at this intersection two lanes are left turn only, and the third goes left OR straight through. I was in the 3rd lane. I turned on my turning signal and the light turned green so I started to go left. I was almost there when I heard screeching and out of the corner of my eye I saw a car in the lane to my left ready to slam into me!!! Eeeeek! I swerved (I had to get out of my turn lane, bummer) and came to a complete stop. I was kind of freaking out, and I wasn’t really sure if I’d been hit or not, so without thinking I looked in my mirrors, made sure I could keep going (into the “straight-through” lane) and left.

Thank goodness we were the first cars going through the intersection, I think it would’ve been worse if there had been more cars in front and next to us (although maybe that idiot would’ve noticed people turning left to his right), and thank goodness he braked enough and I swerved enough. It was CLOSE.

In retrospect what I did was really dumb. Like I said, I wasn’t sure if I had been hit or not. Before I finally got on the expressway I stopped in a parking lot and checked out my car. I actually did have some marks on my car, but they turned out to be dust/dirt (you see, it was THAT close!), and then one small mark on the back door which after dusting off looked like someone had hit my car with their door in a parking lot. That obviously wasn’t the case though.

Its not much of a story in the end, but as I said….this is the closest I’ve come to a car crash in my few years driving. After I was sure everything was fine I still regretted not stopping….I would’ve liked to curse out that other driver!!!! You AREN’T supposed to go straight in a left-turn only lane!!!  

…In that case maybe its a good thing I didn’t stop.