First recap of the year….hooray! Unfortunately the excitement ends there, because I went slightly over my allowance this week. hehe.

Starting Balance: -$13.34
1/2 Deposit $75.16 ($61.82 left)
1/2 Dance Account $15.00 ($46.82 left)
1/2 Cash $20.00 ($26.82 left)
1/4 Mystery shop lunch $9.32 ($17.50 left)
1/6 Sandwich shop lunch $11.83 ($5.67 left)
1/7 Wendy’s $5.95 (-$0.28 left)
1/8 McDonalds lunch $3.40 (-$3.68 left)

I mentioned in my monthly goals wrap-up that adding the whole “Dance Account” item every week was getting annoying. That was originally intended to carry me through just one more session of classes, but its gotten pretty obvious I want to keep taking these classes. In order to do so (and to quit annoying me) I’ve added a line item to my budget to cover this. Its essentially the same thing I’ve been doing because I’ll also be lowering the amount I allow myself to spend each week. My new “Fun Money” allowance will be $63.00 each week.

I also found out what my weekly take home pay will be from here on out (as long as I still have a job), so my budget will be tweaked this weekend and I will hopefully be posting a summary sometime next week. So far all I see is that I don’t have as much money to pay for a mortgage as I keep convincing myself I do (after insurance, HOA fees, and property taxes). Am I being too optimistic in what I want to save each month? (Probably.) That’s what I’m struggling with lately….how much is too much, and how much is enough? I guess I’ve been spoiled with being able to save up more than half my income these past few years.

This is also the kick-off weekend to what will be a VERY busy January! I’m booked every weekend….but I’m not complaining.

Have a good one!