I was working on an assignment today when I made an “earth-shattering” discovery….

To give a little back-story on how I made this discovery, I was color-coding something for work when I noticed that I had matched Phase “6” with a pink color. When I had first done it I had randomly picked up highlighters of different colors and those two happened to match up, however I briefly thought “hmm, that’s funny….6 is a masculine number, but I have it in pink (which is obviously feminine 😉 ).”

A few seconds afterwards, I thought about what I had said. “6”….masculine? And then I realized, I’ve always considered different numbers to have an associated gender!!!! While I’ve done it all my life, I realize how crazy this is, and I was instantly drawn to do a google search, and I came across this post.

So, 1) I’m NOT the only person that does this, 2) some people DO think we’re crazy, and 3) my associations are way different than some most who commented on that post. Lol.

For those who are curious, here is what I think of the different numbers:
1 – male
2 – female
3 – female (tomboy, if I must be specific)
4 – female
5 – female
6 – male
7 – female
8 – male
9 – male
0 – male (although leaning on neutral)

Are you as crazy as me? Do you assign numbers a certain gender? (And any idea why some people do this and others don’t?! lol)