I had fully intended to not go over my spending limit this week….I even had a plan drafted up. However, if there’s one thing I’ve learned in the past 24 years, it is that you should always expect the unexpected.  (Or take into consideration my laziness when it comes to preparing my lunch for work.)

Starting Balance -$3.68
1/9 Deposit $63.00 ($59.32 left)
1/9 Subway $5.35 ($53.97 left)
1/10 Cash $40.00 ($13.97 left)
1/10 Wendy’s $4.67 ($9.30 left)
1/10 Pizza $16.80 (-$7.50 left)

While I’m not trying to completely plan this upcoming weekend, I have several activities lined up and I need to be aware of the various expenses that could (or WILL) come up. For one, there is a festival that the BF and I go to every year and part of that “tradition” is stopping by our favorite mexican restaurant for lunch. That should run us about $25 for lunch, and $8-10 for parking. Let’s hope we don’t get thirsty and need to buy $4 sodas or water! Then on Sunday there is another event. Again, paying for parking is a possibility, plus any food we eat. Finally, I just ended up winning two free tickets to a concert, however parking isn’t included….another $15! There goes most of my budget! hehe.

In addition to those plans I also need to go grocery shopping! I never really know how much I’m going to spend on groceries, especially since I haven’t drafted up my shopping list yet. I’m going to have to go shopping first, and then see how much we can spend on our outings. Parking isn’t very flexible, but knowing those costs we can figure out what we can and can’t order at the mexican place (or any other place).

Have a great weekend!