I don’t have much to update, really….but I couldn’t think of anything else to post that didn’t involve some deep thinking.  😉 So intead I give you my latest random thoughts on the state of my life:

  • As for the past weekend I had some busy plans, but ended up ditching most of them….as a result I saved some money, and still went to that free concert. We’re rescheduling the lunch and other plans for some other time.
  • I’ve been crazy busy at work, which may be part of why I haven’t been obsessively updating my spreadsheets and/or posting my new budget (which has been completed for a few weeks). I’m glad we’re keeping busy though, in times like these a lack of work even for a  little while could cost me  my job. Now, let’s just hope those proposals we sent out do the trick and get us some more deals!!
  • I’ve been getting lots of praise on the work I’ve done on the last few proposals, I have to keep it up and keep improving. There are a couple software programs I need to get acquainted and reacquinted with (I used one of them my freshman year in college), and there are reference books I should memorize. (Not really, but you get the point.) I’d really like to be the go-to person (aside from our exec and managers) for the new sector we are trying to break into. Luckily my manager is willing to put money into me through training and other resources, so I think we’re on the same wavelength as far as that goes.
  • My sister and my BIL have been sending me foreclosure listings, and I’m seeing some pretty good prices. Back when I saw that 2 bedroom townhouse the typical listing was $160-180k, and I just saw one going for $132k. I’m thinking I need to put my foot down, finalize my plan, and start looking again. I have a lot of things to take into consideration before I buy, but if I don’t start looking there’s no way I’ll be able to figure out if there’s anything out there for me.
  • Ever since I read Ry’s recap of his first Toastmaster’s speech, I’ve kind of been wanting to check out a meeting in my area. The other day I was sitting around with my boss and another manager. They brought up a presentation we will have to do based on a proposal we were working on. To make a long story short, I got a mini spiel/lecture about how important presentations are, and the best way to improve my career in the long run is to volunteer for as many presentations as I can early on. In other words: “maybe I should check out that Toastmasters group sooner than later?” So…Anyone been to a Toastmasters meeting? Is it really worth it? Does it work? Should I do it? Dues are around $40 a year. I’d really like some input on this!! (As you can tell I’m pretty hesitant to try new things and it typically takes a lot of outside encouragement for me to do things like this.)
  • Speaking of trying new things….I keep thinking back to that second dance class I inquired about (flamenco/classical spanish), but never signed up for. My issue was the money. I want to try saving up for the shoes first, and then work on my sewing skills….I figure I can make my own skirt.
  • I thought of two more resolutions I could try and tackle in 2009: 1) Stop being passive-agressive. I get this from my parents, it drives me crazy and I just don’t want to end up bitter and/or resentful because I’m too much of a coward to express myself directly. 2) Control my temper and have less tantrums. (Yes, I am embarrassed to admit that I do have tantrums.) It’ll be hard to remember these two, but I need to make an effort, especially with #1.
  • Ever since I saw that fart filter butt pad that some guy sold at an invention convention (or whatever those are called) I’ve been thinking about that stuff….not farts, but the countless ideas we’ve always thought up but dismissed as too silly to be a “good idea” or a “success”. (Um, we TOTALLY thought that up YEARS ago!!! Ask my sister!!) I’ve still got some good ideas in me!  (and better than a fart filter at that!)
  • 5k number 2 is coming up this weekend. I’m only walking it, but I’m doing it with my mom….the post-race party is supposed to be real nice, so I’m looking forward to it! The bad part: I wanted to stop by the Expo the night before to check out if they have any cool giveaways but its only until 8pm and I’m supposed to be at company HQ that day (almost 2 hours away). I hope I can get back on time! If not I’ll have to settle for the post-race goods.

I suppose that’s all for now. (Hm, turned out I had more things in my head than I thought….) Have a good week, and its back to work for me!