I did much better this week, although I’m not sure why. Perhaps it was because I didn’t spend a lot of money over the weekend? [shrugs] I’m not complaining! Here’s where my money went this week….

Starting Balance -$7.50
1/16 Deposit $63.00 ($55.50 left)
1/16 Burger King $6.21 ($49.29 left)
1/18 Wendy’s $4.67 ($44.63 left)
1/18 Groceries $26.20 ($18.42 left)
1/22 McDonalds $2.14 ($16.28 left)

Yay! I have money left over! The $16 will be going towards a pair of black pants and a 5k I want to register for in March!

I’m not sure how I’ll do this weekend with controlling my spending. On Friday I won’t be able to go out too late, so I’ll probably stay in with the BF…that’ll probably mean buying food (although I’ll see what I can do to convince him to cook with me). On Saturday morning I’m walking a 5k with my mom….we’ll be doing that, then attending the post-race party (there will be free food), and after that I may go to my bellydancing class. The class will depend on how early we get out of there, and how tired I am.

Here’s where it gets tricky: if I skip my Saturday class there’s a chocolate festival I want to go to with the BF. Admission is free for me and a guest, however they’ll probably have all sorts of yummy things to try (…at a price).  🙂  This would mean that I have to make up my class on Sunday afternoon. However, if I do attend my class on Saturday the festival will have to wait until Sunday. Then finally, on Sunday evening I have another Bellydancing workshop….hooray!!

So, I have another action packed weekend. This time I hope I actually do most of the things I’m saying I’m going to do. I’ve had a rough week emotionally, so keeping busy and distracted is just what I need!