This week has surprisingly flown by…which is not a bad thing. I finally had a “slow” week at work, however tomorrow and Monday are going to be a blur since once again I have a ton of new things to do! Anyway, back to my spending recap….once again, I had money left over although not as much as last week. I decided to make an appetizer for my aunt’s birthday celebration, and so those supplies brought me to spend a bit more. I’ll let you know how that turns out after tonight…

1/23 Deposit $63.00
1/23 Cash $20.00 ($43.00 left)
1/24 Wendy’s $5.31 ($37.69 left)
1/26 Grocery store – lunch $9.70 ($27.99 left)
1/28 Grocery store $22.54 ($5.45 left)

I love having leftover money at the end of the week! I still don’t know what I’m going to be putting this “extra money” towards. I need new black pants and had estimated $40 for a pair, but I think I could get a pair for less if I look around a bit more…and if that’s the case I can just deduct it from that week’s fun money.

I’m also torn as to wether I should get myself a creme brulee torch so that I can make the BF creme brulee for Valentine’s day, or if I should get a pizza peel (which I desperately need so that I can finally use the pizza stone I got for my birthday 6 months ago!). I think the pizza peel would get more use (and its cheaper), but….mmm…creme brulee!! He’d love it! Any one have a torch you’d recommend, or any alternatives? I’d put them in the broiler, but my ramekins specifically say not to put them in the broiler!! Should I ignore that?