For once, I don’t feel like a complete failure at the end of the month!! ūüėÄ

I had only 5 goals, and I accomplished 4, fair and square….unless you count my lack of a new budget post as a failure. I promise I’ll do it eventually!!! Here’s a recap:

1. Save $15 a week for belly dancing. This is now a new item on my budget, so I will always have money for dancing!!! Yay!! (That is, provided I don’t overspend on accessories instead of on lessons. hehe.)

2. Finalize the new budget after the raise. Done. Budget is working well, now I only need to post about it, as well as a question for you all….do you count “taxes” into your budget? This new one does. I think it would only make a difference when looking at percentages of your income, and since I use the 60-40 method more or less, it makes a difference.

3. Walk over “the bridge” twice (once each week) before the 5k with my mom. Done! We practiced on the bridge, so when race day came the incline was a breeze!! We even got medals!! Now, onto the next race….

4. Finish reading¬†December’s book, and start another. Done! I did it!! This is the goal I am most proud of. On January 26th or so I looked at the book I was reading (Neuromancer) and saw I wasn’t even halfway (after “reading” it for a month and a half). I figured there was no way I’d be able to finish it. However, I decided to split the reading up by days and tab those sections. I read during my lunch break (and now and then even at moments I should’ve been working….oops). The result was I actually got into my book and finished it with a couple days to spare. On Thursday I picked up another book (The Westing Game… favorite book as a kid, and I still love it!!), and using the same method I finished it by Friday!! Wee!! Just in time too, I got my free “Dietgirl” book in the mail on Friday. So far I’m hooked!

5. Run 3 times a week, and incorporate a new workout once a week. (Three weeks left in the month: Week 1 and 2, done!) I was doing well for the first two weeks, but then last week I had too many interruptions….my friends birthday one day, my aunts birthday on the other, mixed in with my reserved running days, I didn’t make time for an alternative workout. Oh, and I missed my first¬†running session since I started this year.¬†Oh well, you can’t win them all…

¬†And now its onto a new month. My goals are fairly straightforward, and you’ll see some recurring themes from last month, hehe…

February Goals

1. Finish reading one new book that I already own. (So far I’m hooked on Dietgirl’s book. I thought she was awesome and hilarious before….now I see she’s truly amazing, and twice as hilarious as I previously thought.)

2. Run 3 times a week, and complete another workout once a week. I’m trying this again, but I have a feeling I’ll actually accomplish it this time around!

3. Limit eating out at work to once a week.¬† The biggest challenge of the bunch, but I need to do this….not only for the wallet, but for my waistline as well.

4. Complete 2 of my “25 goals”. I’m at¬†zero so far, and how embarrassing would it be to not accomplish any of my goals?!! TOO embarrassing, that’s what. So I’m starting NOW.

5.¬†Sort through my CD collection, and purge accordingly. I have too many I don’t care for. Maybe I’ll offer them up here as giveaways? lol. I’ll post a list when I’m done and see if anyone wants them…


So those are my goals. Simple, accomplisheable (is that a word?), yet they’ll still pose a bit of a challenge for me.