…with rumors.

Remember back in October when we found out raises were frozen? That came about when we got a mysterious and vague email from our regional president telling us to call in to a mandatory conference call.

This morning we received an equally mysterious email. They’ve supposedly “developed a plan that allows us to continue to effectively manage our company in challenging economic times, and more importantly one that positions us to excel once the market turns. ” And so they want us to call in again at 5 today.

No one really knows what this means. We were trying to guess….”well, maybe they’re cutting out more stuff? But what?” That’s when a co-worker told us about how a similar company to ours recently cut their employee paychecks by 10%. Eeeek!!! I hope they don’t do that! Although I guess getting paid 90% of what I’m making now would be way better than getting 0%.

So, now we wait….until 5.

(Ugh, and I was planning on going home early today after reporting to the office at 6am. I hope they don’t mind if I take a nap after lunch.)