I just finished my 3rd book this year! Its quite a feat, considering I hadn’t read a single book in a good 6 months or so. This time I read “The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl.” I just so happened to win it at a giveaway on another blog, so it was free AND great! FYI, the author is Shauna Reid, the author of dietgirl.org. Anyway, I loved reading her blog before and I LOVED this book. I laughed, I cried….I can’t say enough. I’m not stopping there. I’ll be moving onto my next February book, which I hope to finish before the month is over. Moving on though….

I mentioned some time ago that it was about time I revisit my “25 goals for my 25th year”. My birthday is in 5 months and I haven’t accomplished a thing!!! Now, I realize some things I can’t sit down and complete overnight, so that’s why planning is key. For example, I can’t sit down and lose 19 pounds at once (even if I could, I shouldn’t) so I need to wake up and realize that ITS TIME! For now though I’ve looked through the goals and outlined what I can take action on. I came up with the following:

Goal #7 – Bake a cake entirely from scratch.  For the occasion I’m thinking the BF’s birthday. So my next step is to find the recipes. I have a few blogs in mind for ideas.

Goal #8 – Learn to play a “popular” song on the guitar. I’ve selected a song, found the chords for it, and I’m going to start learning the individual chords soon.

Goal #9 – Sew myself a fabulous dress. I know I need to learn to sew first, but in the meantime I can find a dress pattern, that way I know what “skills” I need and I can do that sooner than if I wait until I’ve learned everything. If I make a dress that requires a petticoat I can knock #11 off that list as well.

Goal #14 – Read all the books I own. To clear up confusion, I just want to read the books I own that I’ve never read before. So this week I’m going to pore through my books and make a list. That way I can have a count and know how many I need to read a month. (Yikes! Just 5 months left!! I have way more than 5 books left to read.)

Goal #19 – Visit the local winery for a wine tasting & tour. I have created a spreadsheet for this that goes with #22. I just need to set a date.

Goal #21 – Go for a run over the causeway. Again, I need to just do it!! The weather’s been nice lately, so perhaps I should do this sooner than later before it gets too hot (and before my next race in March….which I am now officially signed up for!)

Goal #22 – Visit those local art and historical museums we went to as kids. I compiled the list, and there are about 12. I need to visit two each month! I have plans to visit one this weekend, and another two next weekend (all on the days they have free admission, of course!)

I should probably add this to my monthly goal page just so I don’t forget. If I get my book list completely I’ll be posting that as well to track my progress.