Well, I’m off the hook….for now.

To summarize what was said at our mysterious phone call yesterday, we were partially right. Salaries were cut….starting with those who were hired at higher salaries than is the norm. They were brought back into the regular ranges. The executives took pay cuts, although they didn’t state how much. And finally with the biggest impact, starting April 1 they will be implementing a 10% pay cut….to those who make over $80,000. (I’ve never been so happy to make less than $80k! lol)

While I was spared this time, I know plenty of people who this will affect. Obviously all of the managers, and some of the people just slightly above me. The more you make, the more 10% means, so I’m sure this is no little thing for them. We all realize it could be worse though. We found out that another one of our competitors recently cut some salaries by 30%!! That is insane if you ask me.

One detail I picked up on….the president said that those were the cuts we’d be having for now, but when the new fiscal year started they would re-evaluate the situation. I really hope things are better by then, because otherwise I can see part of my pay going as well.

Finally, he reiterated how we were still focusing on maintaining our company standards by training, promoting from within, and investing in the technologies we need to keep us at the top. This was comforting and like I said before, it makes me more confident that these guys know what they’re doing.

Here’s to a better 2009. We really need it.


(On a positive note, we had a presentation for a client yesterday, and I really think we knocked that presentation out of the park. We sounded like we know what we were doing (because we DO!) and during the Q&A we answered everything confidently, and they seemed to be pleased with what we had to say. Let’s hope we get that client!!!!! If so, that would probably guarantee my job until next January!!)