I have a good feeling about February, even though I’ve missed a full week’s worth of workouts. The more I think about it the more confident I feel about that presentation we did earlier this week…..and so I’m crossing my fingers we get that client. I mentioned it before, if we get this contract I’m fairly confident my job will be secure until next January! (Plus, it would lead to bigger and better contracts with them in the future. We really need to get our foot in the door with them!)

Anyway, back to my spending this week. I feel like a bit of a cheat, because I ran into some cash I didn’t realize I had, and I spent a good amount of it. (About $30 on food and bellydance junk, hehe.) As a result I was able to pay for a few miscellaneous things and still have money leftover!

1/30 Deposit $63.00
1/30 Wendy’s $2.34 ($60.66 left)
1/31 Dance Shoes $22.73 ($37.93 left)
2/4 5k Registration FeeĀ $28.25 ($9.68 left)

I was originally going to take the 5k registration from the leftover fun money I’ve accumulated, but I decided there was enough left at the end of the week to “fund” it from here. So now I have a little bit of extra money ($28.71 to be exact) to buy myself some pants for work!!! Geez, I need them badly, lol. Maybe if I find time this weekend I’ll stop by Marshall’s or Ross and see what I can get. Although Macy’s is having a sale in which I can get an additional 20% off if I wear red. Hehe. Its worth a shot.

Tomorrow I’m hoping to get to visit one of the Art Museums on my list for my 25 goals….I’m excited to start checking things off my lists!! As you can see, I also updated my 25 goals page to show the list of books I own, as well as the goals I’m setting for this month out of the 25. I’ve got a lot to do this month!