….Its a shopper’s worst nightmare, really.

I’m sure we’ve all done it. You go shopping, or window shopping, see something fabulous but realize “I need to be responsible!” If you buy it on the spot that would be an impulse buy….a “no-no”, so you do the right thing. You make a mental note to sleep on it for at least a couple days, then if you decide you have to have it you can go back and get it. Sounds great!

Until you go back to get it. And ITS NOT THERE.

This has happened to me SO many times. With the best intentions I go home empty handed, and the item haunts me for a day or two until I realize my life will NOT be complete without it. I go to the store and discover its not there. I break down in tears on the sales floor. (Yes, I exaggerate.)

This post has no point, really, except to reminisce on a few things I wish I bought but couldn’t. For example, that fabulous fringe flapper style dress I ran across at the sales rack at a small boutique while in college. It was my size, but I didn’t try it on because it was “too expensive”, $40. Yes, I probably did the right thing by not buying it (did I really need a black fringe dress? Probably not, lol), but everytime I think of it I sigh and wish I had it. There’s also that gorgeous emerald and diamond ring I would stop to look at every time I was at the mall for a whole summer. It was $800 (yikes!), but I tell you, it was GORGEOUS! The countless shoes I tried on and admired, and said “if its here next time it was ‘meant to be'”, except they wouldn’t be there and I cursed myself for being an idiot. Oh, and that blue mesh leather purse that matched PERFECTLY with my electric blue suede shoes! Well, I was just too lazy to drive back to the mall in that case, but considering it was $20 I always think back and wish I had. Oh, and let me not forget that Karen Millen suit that sold on Ebay for $80! I still beat myself up for not bidding on that beauty!!

Maybe I do have a point. I didn’t buy these things, and yes, I can’t deny that I WISH I COULD GO BUY SOME OF THEM RIGHT NOW…..but I can’t. I don’t have them, and even though I desire them my life hasn’t come to an end. There have been no tragic reprecussions (other than the ones in my head). I’d have more junk spilling out of my closet, I might’ve given that dress away when I gained all that weight (or rather, maybe it’d be too big since I’ve lost weight), that $800 ring would sit in my drawer half the time, and I have way too many shoes as it is. (I take that back….there’s no such thing as too many shoes. That’s the one exception. 😉 ) “Stuff” isn’t going to complete you, make your life better, make someone love you more, make you happier with yourself….life goes on.