I’ve been with the BF for 5-1/2 years now, so this will be our 6th Valentine’s Day together. At the beginning we celebrated fairly regularly, but for the past few years….well, its not such a big deal anymore. To be honest the commercial aspect of it turns me away from it, however that’s not to say a sweet gesture isn’t appreciated.

From the times we’ve celebrated, the Valentine’s day that will always stand out in my mind was our first one. I was attending school in another city, and he decided to fly up and visit me. It just so happened that the circus was in town, and I remembered that he always talked about the circus and that’d he’d never been to one here in the states. Well, I got us both tickets to attend the circus on Valentine’s day. I didn’t have a car so we used the rail to get there, and from the moment we stepped in we were surrounded by children. Hundreds of children with their parents on the train. Slightly embarrassed I looked around to see if there was anyone in the vicinity remotely close to our age…there wasn’t. It was hilarious. When we finally got the arena and to our seats we were pleased to see at least two other college aged couples already seated – they had been in hiding! The circus was great, and the BF loved it.

When we got back to the dorm I found a note telling me a box was waiting for me in my neighbors room….the BF had sent me roses!!! Unfortunately when I opened them up they were in pretty bad shape. Some were clearly starting to wilt. The BF was heartbroken, but I still thought it was the thought that mattered*!!

For dinner that night I wanted to invite the BF to an Italian place I had visited once. However I didn’t have a car, but it was close enough for us to walk. I had looked up the directions to get there, and we head out via a shortcut I always took when venturing out to the city. So we walked….and walked….and walked, yet we couldn’t find it!!! It turned out that because of my shortcut we missed the street we were supposed to turn on. We ended up stopping for an iced coffee (at least BF had a chance to discover something good that wasn’t Starbucks) and made our way back to my dorm. Tired of walking and disappointed that we couldn’t have a romantic Italian dinner, we ordered Chinese food and watched TV instead.

Somewhat anti-climatic, huh? lol. But that was it…our most memorable Valentine’s day. Sometimes its not about the perfect plan, but the perfect person to keep you company. Granted, I was disappointed that our attempt at the perfect Valentine’s day celebration was a failure… but we did something right….because 5 years later it still brings a smile to my face.



*Upon returning home BF complained to the flower company telling them what happened. (Starting with the fact that I was supposed to get them the day before since he knew we’d be out most of the day.) They apparently were very sorry because a week later I received a new FREE shipment of flowers along with a letter of apology. And this time the flowers were BEAUTIFUL!! They lasted for what seemed like an insanely long time!