My status as  an anonymous blogger is in danger!! All because of my stupidity!

The BF and I were hanging out last night, and I pulled out my laptop. Thinking I had done the necessary to safeguard my secret identity I thought I was in the clear. Until he opened up google search and displayed on the top right hand corner was my email address….my blogger email address!!

I hope he didn’t see it, and even if he did I hope he didn’t think much of it and won’t decide to search it on a whim.

If he does….well….he’ll probably find this. In that case, hi there love! Sorry I never told you about my secret identity, and I hope you don’t think any less of me now that you know! =]


And for all you folks hoping to keep your blog a secret from those close to you, don’t forget to sign out of google, google reader, or gmail….otherwise it’ll pop up as soon as someone goes to do a search.  =D